of the historical observation of the


had it's beginning more than a century ago, at the CROSSROADS

now commonly known as the community at Ringwood (now Enfield).


It appears that some insight from a visionary CROSSROAD was

approached and crossed between the years of 1890 and 1903, whereby;

the first wooden structure was erected on the site.

This woodend structure was located a few feet west of the more formal structure

between the years 1903 and 1922.


Some of the early church officers were Sisters Mollie Brinkley, Pinkie Alston, Precious Arrington, 

Deacon Isham Jones, Turner Washington, Jim Washington, George Jones, William Myrick, and Newsom Jones.


Later officers included: Deacons Charlie Hendricks, Henry Alston,

Arthur Wilkins, Charlie Jones, John Crudup, Andrew Cherry, Fred Wilkins,

Melvin Lee, Zebedee Whitaker, Beaufort Battle, Cecil Alston, and Edward Jones.


Pastors from 1874 to the present were:

Reverends: June Alston, O.B. Alston, Jim Wood, Daniel Martin, J.W. Blackman, Cady Ivey, Prince Ivey,

H.J. Thompson, A.J. Tunson, J.C. Scott, J.S. Reddick, M. Whitaker, S.I Jones, Luther Coppedge, 

Cardis Brown Jr., Carl Lee, and E.R. Bynum. 


Sons of the church include Ernest Battle, William Alston Jr., a Dwight Hardy.



The structure built in 1922, completed in 1924, served as the House of Prayer until 2001, 

with many improvements, additions, and refurbishments as follows:

PHASE 1: Fellowship area with a kitchen, several classrooms, Pastor's Study, and indoor restroom.




PHASE 2: Building Fellowship Hall with kitchen and storage; additional classrooms, new pastor's study, church secretary office, refurbishment of sanctuary interior, new lighting, exterior siding on the building,

bricking of exterior and public address systems.


PHASE 3: Installed handicap ramp/rails, refurbishing of ladies' restroom, repainting of sanctuary's interior, decorating of men's restroom, enlarged choir loft, installed paved parking lot, paved sidewalks and fenced graveyard. Before the formal organization of the choirs, there was a general practice of congregational singing with and without the accompaniment of instruments. Custom from 1974 until after 1975, worship service was held on Sunday once a month, then twice a month, and as it is currently, every Sunday of the month.


Starting July 2001 and ending January 2002, Rev E. Ray Bynum, Brother Floyd Pitchford,

Brother Johnnie Wester and Brother Alvin West spent many hours working with the builders during

the construction of our new Church building. 


On January 13, 2002, after Sunday School at the White Oak Parent-Child Center, by way of the CROSSROAD, the Pastor and congregation followed by the choir singing "We're Marching", with the

Communion Tray, Water, Pulpit Lectern Scarf and the Large Church Bible,

marched into the new structure of White Oak Missionary Baptist Church. 

This marks one hundred twenty-eight years in the mission of "winning souls unto Christ, by Faith".