New Year's Eve Testimony's

We all need to feel the strength and comment of others to help us realize our own strength. God gives us all great blessing and here are a few that have been shared with us.

I just want to say that God has seen me through some rough times this year. Times where I didn’t know where my next meal would come from or how my bills would get paid after losing my job and held up by unemployment! He made a way for me to get another job and work all while being pregnant. Not to mention He has kept me safe through this pandemic while being pregnant. He has kept my son safe and also my family. I’m forever thankful and grateful to be a child of a very giving and promising man! Thank you Lord Jesus for everything. I pray you continue to watch over my family and keep me and my son and unborn son safe all the way through delivery. Amen!

Thank you Pastor for letting me share this

Tia Nicholson

The Bible says, In all things give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you.

In 2020 God has been good to our family. I lost 5 family members in a span of two months (my husband, two sisters, nephew, and a niece ). I am thankful in 2020 that God didn’t take the entire family ( 100 strong) as He did Job’s family..... In all things not For

all things. I thang you Heavenly Father for your grace and mercy on the family for 2020.

Your Humble Servant,

Dr Joyce Bell Miller

I’m thankful that God has brought me, my family, and friends through 2020, in spite of all the difficulties this year has brought.

- Rebecca, Alexandria, LA

I’m thankful for God’s continued grace over my life, my family members, and friends. His tender mercies continue to protect our lives and give us strength to continue to on our journeys.

- Vadeisha, Alexandria, LA

Thankful for the Holy Spirit teaching me to be obedient and keeping my mouth shut.

Thanking God for Wisdom and keeping me on the right path.

Lulu Walker

Grateful for what 2020 has brought to me

1. Family / friends

2. Strength

3. Health

I’m thankful for a successful delivery and thriving 5 month old!

- Jai

I am thankful for my family.

-Regan King

I am so humbly grateful for my health and my family's health. That my business is doing well.

I wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and loving new year but mostly healthy.

I am thankful to God for his mercy and love and teachings.

Bro Duane

I am thankful that the Lord kept me, my family and friends throughout this year. I am also thankful that we have not lacked for anything during these challenging times. I pray that HIS continued grace and mercy stay with us all on into the new year and many years to follow.

Coretia Miller

Thank God for me and family for bringing us though 2020. I want to thank Pastor Miller and Frist Lady for praying for me because I got a phone call a week ago and I'm in the process of getting a new kidney.

Ernest Jones

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